WELL LONDON 2009 (Community Project)


In February 2009, Mohamed-El-Haddi covered the Well London 2009 community event  as a photographer (South Acton, London, UK).


The aim of the day was to inform people about healthy lifestyle and habits through workshops, forums and activities (fitness, painting, discussions…).  


Mohamed-El-Haddi was recruited to take pictures of local residents, as part of a wider community project called the South Acton Hoardings Project.


The aim of the photo shoot was to engage with people willing to make a difference within their current environment, but also change their own perceptions about it by being “part of it” (feature the shots and pose) and literally become the “actors” of their community via the pictures taken. 


It was a valuable way for Mohamed-El-Haddi, as an artist, but also as someone being “active” in West London to get to know the residents better and capture the essence of South Acton as it is today, at the beginning of the 21st Century, in its true polymorphous  “human” face.




Photographed and edited by Mohamed-El-Haddi