MOHSSIAH was originally meant to be a black and white short-length movie about 'Lust', as part of a film-making workshop called 'No Excuses!' in South Acton (Sep-Nov 2009).

It is now a photo series as well as Mohamed-El-Haddi's first experiment with film. 



The main objective of the film-making project (organised by the Acton Community Centre and Theatre Studio West) was to involve local residents from South Acton and encourage them to express themselves artistically through script-writing, film directing and acting. The topic of the project was the Seven Deadly Sins.



Mohamed-El-Haddi recorded scenes illustrating 'Lust' and wrote a script based on 'Sloth'.



The agenda behind MOHSSIAH was to question and debunk the very iconic representation of the Christ within the realm of fiction.


As a companion to the filmic piece, Mohamed-El-Haddi produced a photo series.

The short film and the photographs allow the viewer to take in some suggested guidance throughout the artist's creative process and conceptual journey.

Please go to 'home page' for the MOHSSIAH video. 


Created, produced, photographed and edited

by Mohamed-El-Haddi