To model for your own work is not that big a deal when you create art,

From ECCE HOM/MOH PRAXIS up to MOHSSIAH, Moh's always looked the part.



You ask questions about your piece by posing in front,

Does it have to mean that you're an egotistic cunt?



Instead, irony becomes your best mate in your conceptual travesties,

For which exhibitions have been held all across town and the Seven Seas.



Reality is fiction and fiction begets the MOHMENT of a laugh,

As boundaries collapse, leading Moh to recruit new members for his staff.



When you think no other steps could be reached to expose your alter ego,

You draw both HADDOLF and ULTIMOH, instead of shooting a nice photo.



POST MOH will be the title, including a part one and two,

MOHDERN? MOHRTEM? Anything you like can be added to the POST in view.



One hopeful ground for a rebirth, as shown in this work despite its chaos,

Or is it just Moh being pure Lazy Bones and all, not giving a toss?



Of course, other works will follow, there is no rush in Heaven or Hell,

As MOHDUS OPERANDI has proven lately,

Mohamed-El-Haddi has still got loads MOHRE to tell...






Created, produced, designed, photographed and edited by Mohamed-El-Haddi