MOHVZ (2008)


M.O.H.N.S.T.A.R.Z questions self-reflexivity, the scopophilic eye, specularity, identity building and self-mythologization through the use of photography.


Mohamed-El-Haddi poses for this project by focusing on the imagery of the monster (from the Latin monstro, monstrare; “To show”) as well as the overwhelming desire to be seen, admired, envied and coveted, in some way.


MOHVZ introduces a series of improvised shots, experimenting states of anarchy and free flow through the medium of photography. Bringing death (still photographed model) to life (trance-like movements) and see what happens. Losing oneself in order to find your way out.

Of what?... 




Created, produced, photographed and edited by Mohamed-El-Haddi