M.O.H.N.S.T.A.R.Z questions self-reflexivity, the scopophilic eye, specularity, identity building and self-mythologization through the use of photography.


Mohamed-El-Haddi poses for this project by focusing on the imagery of the monster (from the Latin monstro, monstrare; “To show”) as well as the overwhelming desire to be seen, admired, envied and coveted, in some way.


MOHNSTAR encapsulates the essence and core concept of the M.O.H.N.S.T.A.R.Z photo project as it allows Mohamed-El-Haddi's tongue-in-cheek comment on the cult of the self to be heard in the glory of its own self-aggrandized mirror, questioning and deconstructing existing boundaries between self-reflexivity and the world of spectacle.





Created, produced, photographed and edited by Mohamed-El-Haddi