ECCE HOM/MOH PRAXIS (performance and conceptual art) is a visual reading of a play written by Mohamed-El-Haddi, a few years back called ECCE HOMO PRAXIS. In this photo serie, Mohamed-El-Haddi impersonates the play's main character: a rugby player illustrating the figure of the player as an 'actor', a 'hero' and a 'warrior').


 The play, whose language was judged too pornographic to be allowed on stage in France, was banned. So Mohamed-El-Haddi found a way around it.


                      A conceptual way.


The play could not be brought to the stage so Mohamed-El-Haddi decided to bring the stage to the play instead and create some new conceptual narrative through the medium of photography.


ECCE HOM/MOH PRAXIS is the outcome of that research.



Photographer: Mohamed-El-Haddi

Assistant Photographer: Mel C

Concepts, production and editing: Mohamed-El-Haddi